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We are dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of structures and metal carpentry.

Throughout our existence, METALBUR Soluciones Metálicas has grown in constant evolution and continuous improvement together with the engineering companies, construction companies and end clients who have trusted it. Proof of this is that we continue to work together and have managed to greatly expand our client portfolio. The professional and technical experience accumulated during this career, together with the new technological means on which we have opted, allow us to manufacture and assemble very varied products that we have been diversifying and innovating along with processes and machinery.

Our greatest value is the ability to adapt to meet the needs of the market, and our greatest commitment to clients is to always offer maximum professionalism.

In addition, we invest in the continuous training of our workers with the sole objective of staying up to date with the advances in our sector to be able to provide the best service to our clients.

Stainless and carpentry

All types of stainless structures: • Railings. • Balconies. • Signs. • Division screens. • Custom design furniture. • Canopies or pergolas. • Countertops. • Steel and glass structures. • Portal doors.


Decorative forging is back in fashion in tables, mirrors, chairs... We see it present in a multitude of furniture, railings, windows, doors... And with forging we can give our home that retro air so sought after in recent times, or be sure that no unwanted subject is going to enter through a window and without sacrificing the attractiveness of our home.

Metallic structures

The iron structure has always had and continues to have numerous advantages over other types of structures: its consistency, its flexibility that protects the building from possible movements in its foundations, the speed of assembly, the smaller space occupied... At METALBUR Soluciones Metálicas offer the best service to our clients, whether they are individuals or companies. And because we know that a building is forever, we apply the latest laser technologies in measuring and leveling, as well as the best quality in the materials of our structures.